Talking to Your Stylist

Feb 28, 2020

By your stylist: Aylanna

Are you finding yourself having a hard time explaining what you want from your stylist?

Maybe you have been going to the same stylist for months,  years even but they always seem to give you that same look and that same cut, something that you didn’t really want?

At, we understand. Our job is to make this process for our clients a breeze. We’re here to take the hassle out of dealing with a stylist. Our goal is to make it easier and more comfortable for our clients to communicate what they want and need from their stylists.
Do a Little Research:

A great way to get your style just right is to come with images of what you’re wanting. Search images online that best fit what you’re trying to achieve. It’s always best to pick around two to three images if possible. When researching, try to focus on images that show the full spectrum of the cut, including the front, back, and sides of the hairstyle. Your stylist will help adjust the style to best fit you.

Bring Photos of Yourself:

If you had a really great cut in the past or a really bad one, feel free to bring pictures of that. If you’ve had a cut you’ve loved, that can help us tailor your cut to what you know you’re happy with. On the other hand, if you’ve had a cut you’ve hated that can help us know what you don’t like. Bring both pictures of your hair in its best and worst stages so that stylist has a better understanding of what you do and don’t want.

Try to be Specific:

Always have as good of an idea as you can in regards to what you want. Your stylist is there to give you what you want and what you think looks best. The more clear you can be with your stylist, the more the can adjust the cut to your preferences.

Honest Feedback:

The biggest thing you can do is be honest with your stylist. Let your stylist know how you feel before, during, and after your visit. Don’t worry about how your stylist feels because honestly want to know! This is the key to you and your stylist building a relationship. Know that your stylist will always appreciate your feedback so that they can better tailor your experience.

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