Get your haircut at work for $25 is a streamlined salon service operated inside corporate offices, hosted by employers for their employees. The space is provided for free by companies and the cuts come from us. We do dry cuts, straight-forward, no add-ons all in the convenience of your office. Each haircut, male or female, is only $25 for employees.

People are busy. Work is changing

Companies are becoming social hubs to make themselves attractive and keep the best talent. The top companies have started to offer personal services at their locations commonly including food, dry cleaning, child care and other services.

Convenient & Affordable can be provided affordably, as will rely on office space provided by the companies, while the company will also perform most of the marketing to their employee base. iphone app

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Meet Our Stylists

Chris Edwards

Lead Stylist

Chris Edwards has been a Stylist and Hair Cut professional at Z Salon for 17 years. He has been in the Hair Industry for 24 years. 

Kelli Hecker

Lead stylist

Kelli has worked for the Z Salon for 14 years.  She also has extensive experience working with runway and special occasion events. 

Aylanna Brown


Aylanna Brown has entered numerous hair competitions regionally and placed Top 10 in the region, allowing her the opportunity to go to state.