Onsite Haircuts – 6 Benefits of Getting Your Haircut at Work

Jun 26, 2020

Proof that onsite haircuts really do make your life that much easier:

1. It’s stress-free.

With the trim.co haircut app, scheduling, paying and tipping is all in one place. This means no more answering machines, no more worrying if you brought cash to tip, and no more carrying around that bulky wallet.

2. It makes you feel like a celebrity.

C’mon. How many people can say their stylist comes to them? You are a VIP – own it.

3. It puts your company above the cut.

Onsite haircuts are an employee benefit that not every Joe Schmoe gets. Happy employees, happy life – right?

4. It’s a dry cut.

If this sounds new to you, you’re not alone. But a dry cut is actually the latest trend to get the most precise haircut.

5. It saves loads of time.

The dry cut alone saves a great deal of time, but once you calculate in driving time and waiting time (all on your own time after work) you’re wasting precious time that could be spent doing what you love.

6. It’s better for the environment.

By avoiding driving miles to and from the salon, we’re putting less emissions into the air. So far, trim.co has prevented 401,166 lbs. of CO2 and saved 41,952 gallons of water.

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