How to Grow Out Your Hair

Jul 24, 2020

While we see a lot of clients who are looking for a bold chop, we still see a good deal of those who are looking to grow out their hair. And sometimes, we don’t see them, because they think they shouldn’t be in the salon chair if they want more length. Truth is, you still need trims while in the growing process, and our stylists have the expertise to provide you with the best tips and styles for the transition. 

It’s true that you may not need to come into the salon as much as you normally do. Instead of 6-8 weeks, come in every 8-12. But remember to still come in to give your ‘do some love. You’re in luck, because cuts hair dry. In your case, dry cuts are especially ideal, as they allow the stylist to make a more precise cut – only cutting right above the split ends. 

To avoid excess split ends, make sure to maintain a healthy hair care routine. This means conditioning often (try Redken’s Extreme Length Conditioner for extra help) and protecting your hair from heat damage. For more info on heat damage, check out this blog post

Growing out your hair is something you grow into. This means you’ll have to have a couple transition cuts along the way. It’s tempting, but you don’t have to get a plain trim every time you’re in the chair. Our stylists can help you shift the weight and layering of your haircut, so the journey to long hair isn’t too boring. Try playing with a bang or changing up styling to make the transition a little more interesting. 

If you’re on the road to a long look, you aren’t alone. Our stylists are with you so you look your best every step of the way. Have questions? Email us at 

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