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Jun 17, 2020

Products we’ll be talking about today: Redken Frizz Dismiss, Redken Iron Shape 11, Redken One United Leave-In Conditioner

Although it’s a hot topic (no pun intended), too many people seem to still break the rules when it comes to not frying your hair. stylist, Whitney gave us the breakdown on how to avoid heat damage, and we’re here to spread the word.

Rule #1: Before you touch your hair, grab your heat protectant. We know, we know – another item added to the grocery and to-do list, but it’s so important for long term hair health. Just as important as using a protectant, is reading its label. Heat protectants vary on the temperatures they protect against. If you know you’re turning your hot tools on high, reach for a heat protectant that covers 400-degree temperatures. Ask your stylist about Redken’s Iron Shape 11.

Rule #2: While your hair is wet, apply a leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture. P.S. – You can use this even if you use a regular conditioner too. Here’s one of Whitney’s favorites: One United Leave-In Conditioner.

Rule #3: Use the nozzle on your blow dryer. Yes, we mean that thing that might still be in the original package. Not only will this help reduce heat damage, but it also helps with styling. Blow a few inches from your scalp.

Rule #4: Get to know your brushes, then befriend one.

  1. Paddle brushes are great for thick hair and will help to detangle those gnarly knots. 
  2. A round brush is great for styling. Whitney prefers a ceramic, vented round brush which allows you to apply the blow dryer directly to the hair on the brush without excess heat damage.

Rule #5: We get it. You’re late to a GNO, and your hair isn’t dry enough to style yet, but ladies and gentlemen, under no circumstance should your hair sizzle under a tool. Yes, this is Haircare 101, but we know you’ve done it. Your hair must be 100% dry to flat iron or curl it.

Rule #6: For a final touch, especially in summer humidity, try applying an anti-frizz serum on your dry hair. Try the Redken Frizz Dismiss Anti-Static Mist.

Now that you know the rules for hot tools, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to use hot tools… At least not every day. In the back of your drawer may be a hidden gem from your past – velcro curlers. No-heat styling may turn out to be your new, old best friend. 

Whatever path you choose, Whitney supports. And by the way, she says you’re looking fabulous. 

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