Your Before and After Quarantine Look

May 01, 2020

By your stylist, Kelli Hecker

I am sure your list of things to do post the COVID-19 quarantine is long and likely as long as your hair!  We’ve heard from many of you about your new hairstyles as a result of this pandemic and suspect you are ready for a new style.

In anticipation of having you back in the chair in the next few weeks, we thought this would be a good time for you to plan for the change or transformation. Go ahead and start looking for your new style so you can show your stylist and prepared for a new, sassy look!

I encourage men and women not to get frozen in time with their looks! Have some fun with the change! Just because you looked great with long(er) hair in your 30s doesn’t mean it’s the best look into your 50s and 60s. But no one will tell you what might look better unless you ask. Are you open to new ideas, are you keeping your hair in a certain style just to please your spouse or your grown kids, or is your hair in a style you just can’t budge from?

You won’t know what a big change will look like until you see it in the mirror and live with it for a while. If fear is at play here, face it and try something new! Hair grows and color can be changed! And if you lose your nerve to try something new, you may also live with regrets that you never tried it.

Going from longer to shorter hair can be very liberating, as long as you keep your heart open to change, edginess, and adventure!

What better time to feel great when you go back to work?  Book your new look with when you get back and let your stylist make you look and feel like a million bucks!

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