What To Do With Your Quarantine Hair?

May 22, 2020

Are you at the stage of overgrown hair, no longer enjoying having some extra length to work with, and not sure what to do with your next haircut after COVID-19?  Our team of experienced stylists has come up with a few ideas for your next haircut with trim.co!

At the top of our list of recommendations is adding layers to your haircut to reduce the heaviness of the length and create some movement and shape.  If you’re not ready to lose your length try out some face-framing layers, this is a way to soften around your face and add some volume.

If you are feeling like you’re ready for a change but not wanting to cut your length we suggest adding a soft bang.  Take a few minutes to consider your next style, look at styles online, bring a picture with you and our team will work you to marry the right share to hair, texture, and lifestyle.

We can’t wait to see you back in the chair and as we work with our onsite locations to finalize schedules.  In the meantime, you book your next appointment for the week of May 26th at our headquarters at 124 N. 1st Street by editing your location code to TRIMHQ.  Any questions or concerns you can reach us at info@trim.co or 833-TRIM-444.

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