Today is National Donate Your Hair Day!

Apr 27, 2020

Even though we aren’t able to cut hair today, is still
celebrating National Donate Hair Day!
We all know how a great haircut can make you feel but did you know a
child who has suffered hair loss due to an illness can cause them to
lose their self-esteem? has partnered with Locks of Love,
who makes wigs, to help children feel special by having a wig that fits
them perfectly. Most conventional wigs are mass produced and the
majority are made to fit adult heads, so children struggle to get a wigs
that fit them.
If you are thinking of cutting some length off consider donating it Locks
of Love to help a child. Let your Stylist know in advance and
we’ll ensure your hair get to Locks of Love, You’ll even get a certificate
acknowledging donation your hair!  For more information on how this
works just ask you during your next appointment.

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