Switching Stylists

Feb 04, 2020

By TRIM stylist: Aylanna Brown

Finding a new stylist can be tough. With so many options all over town, it can get overwhelming. Trying to find a stylist that’s talented, somewhat convenient, and reasonably priced can be harder than it sounds.

That’s why there’s trim.co.

Trying out a new stylist doesn’t mean having to go out of your way or leap out of your comfort zone.

Lucky for you, we take the hassle out of trying a new salon and stylist. With TRIM, we make it easy for you to transition. Our goal is to help show you that trying a new salon environment doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

Trying out a new stylist CAN be enjoyable. With TRIM it’s as easy as taking a break from work. Get up and leave your work desk for a little bit, head to your TRIM location on-site at your work. Enjoy a salon experience without ever having to leave the office.

Don’t let trying out a new salon be intimidating.

You can learn more about TRIM on your own even before agreeing to an appointment. Here’s how:

Ask Around

Ask your co-workers if they’ve tried out our services. Find our what their outcomes were, look to see if they would recommend trying TRIM for your next cut.

Social Media

Check out our social sites. We post regular updates for our followers. Not only this but you can see reviews from our current clientele.

Come Ask Questions

You don’t need an appointment to come down to the TRIM area. The next time we’re in your location walk down to learn more. Those within the companies we work with are always welcome to stop by and ask questions. Whether you’re wondering questions on pricing, styling, or booking an appointment, don’t hesitate to come find out more.

Try the App

The trim.co app is a great way to see more details about TRIM at your office. Items like availability, services, booking times, payments and tipping are all available through the TRIM app.

Give TRIM a Try

Ask around your work or come by and meet us while we’re there. Don’t be afraid to give our stylists a try, we’re more than just a convenient haircut, we’re your in-office salon.

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