Short & Medium Hair Styling Products

Jan 24, 2020

By TRIM stylist: Aylanna Brown

Styling short and medium hair can be tricky if you’re new to it.

Many people struggle to find a product that will give them volume without the stickiness of gel. On the other hand, there’s the debate of finding the right product for achieving a smooth comb-over without that greasy look. It can be tough for both men and women to find the purchase that best suits your hair.

If you need help looking for the best style-holding products for short or medium hair, here’s what to go for:


If you’re going for a showcase type cut, say for instance a hard-cut part with a comb-over top, then a pomade is great for you.

Pomades don’t dry out the hair or leave your hair feeling crunchy. Not only this but with pomades, there are multiple options from medium to high shine holds.

Hair Paste

Paste is fantastic for all hair lengths and is great for both fine or thick hair. Paste is also a very versatile hair product working well for both men and women. What’s great about hair paste is that it is water-based and very easy to wash out.

When it comes to how strong of a hold paste can bring, typically you’re able to get a medium to firm hold.

All of this is done with a matte finish and just a touch of shine for a natural, yet healthy style.

Hair Clay

Clay is most ideal for those who require a great deal of volume and definition for their hairstyle. On the bright side, clay doesn’t leave your hair feeling weighed down like other products.

Clay also conditions and moisturizes the hair while maintaining frizz, combatting the effects of high humidity weather.

Styling Right

Give any number of these hair products a shot if you’re wearing a short to medium style cut.

For more tips, feel free to talk with your TRIM in-office stylist.

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