Meet Stylist and Pilot Kelli

Jun 24, 2020

She can fix your fly-aways and fly you away to your favorite destination. Meet stylist and (almost) private pilot, Kelli. 

Although she’s been cutting hair for years, Kelli’s family has always been in the airline industry. This led her to pursue a private license two years ago. In addition to being able to explain hairstyles and how to maintain your hair, Kelli is now fluent in pilot speak from “It’s 17:00 Zulu time” to “George is now flying the plane.” She has taken countless hours of training to manage all types of airline crises, so we’re certain she can easily fix any type of bad hair day you may have. 

Speaking of… Kelli, doesn’t your hair get messed up in that pilot hat? Kelli’s go-to style is a low pony or bun, but she still makes it look fab. Check out our post on 6 Hairstyles You Can Do In 6 Minutes At Work. 

It’s fitting that one of Kelli’s favorite movies is Top Gun. I mean, we’re talking about first-rate pilots and Tom Cruise hair. It just makes sense. The next time you’re in the chair with Kelli, you’re going to have lots to talk about. is all about bringing life into work which means knowing your employees, their wants, needs and passions. It means allowing your employees the convenience of salon, car and fitness services at work so they have more time to do what they love at home. It means proudly supporting a multifaceted employee like Kelli. 

To book with Kelli at the headquarters, download the app and use location TRIMHQ.

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