Maintaining Sanity- While Working from Home with Kids

Apr 03, 2020

By your stylist, Alyanna Brown

Right now we are all going through a tough time with the national pandemic of Covid-19. It’s caused everyone to drastically change their regular routine. From working in the office to working at home; those who have children may have it a little harder. Your children are now out of school but you are still responsible to work at home for the time being. This can leave most parents stressed out by having to juggle work-life and family life all under the same roof. can help you ease into working from home and raising your family. Everything and everyone needs balance in their life. You and your kids can tune in to our daily live Facebook workouts to help you get moving and stay healthy! Some of these tips can help transition you to a great start of your day.

Creating boundaries

While working from home creating boundaries is a must with your children. Children will always think of you as a parent first. So creating a quiet space in your house for meetings is a must. Simply sit your family down and let them know that certain hours of the day you will be in work mode or even place a “quiet” sign on the door letting them know when you are working.

Sleep schedule

For parents with little ones it’s best to put them on a schedule. Some tips; start their day off early with breakfast and playtime (or even tune in with our 8:30am yoga) so it will tire them out by lunch and then it’s time for a nap. This can help free up your afternoon for some last minute calls or meetings. Remember you have a full day, make the most out of it.

Make time for you and your family

Whether you feel like you can’t get away from your desk at home. We are here to tell you that you can. Try putting your meetings on mute and interact with your kiddos for a few minutes if you are able to squeeze that time in, they will know that even though you are busy at home they are still very loved in the end.

Remember to stay healthy and safe!

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