Meet the Louisville Team

Chris Edwards

Lead Stylist 

With his diverse and lengthy career, Chris’s cutting expertise benefits those seeking any length or style. After starting as a barber and nearly 20 years as the lead male costmelogist at the largest upscale salon in Louisville, he is a master at his craft.

Kelli Heckler

Lead Stylist 

Kelli has been an artistic stylist for over 15 years. She has had extensive advanced training with some of the highest educators in the industry from all around the world. She looks forward to taking care of all your salon needs.

Whitney Rankin


Whitney has been cutting and styling hair twelve years with the largest upscaled salon in Kentucky. She enjoys building a relationship with her guests and setting a new goal for your future haircut. Her love of hair and connecting with her clients will be instantly recognized when you sit down in her chair!

What People Are Saying About Louisville

You trimmed my hair a few weeks ago to fix a haircut that I got that was uneven. You did an amazing job and I keep thinking about you because I'm not fighting with my hair anymore. Today I curled it for the first time since you cut it and it has so much body. I was shocked! Anyway, I hope I can catch you when you are back at my company.

Sharon B.

I love the concept and the stylists! So easy and affordable to get my haircut and even styled. I have short hair that needs to be managed often and I am so happy to be able to get it cared for as needed, without the hassle of booking an appointment weeks ahead of time. Kelli and Chris have both cut my hair and they are talented stylists - not just cutters.

Kelly K.

Kelli cut my hair today and it looks fantastic - grateful to have this employee perk.

Cheri S.

I have known Kelli for quite some time and she has always been the ultimate professional. She took care of me at Z’s for many years and I followed her to This new endeavor is a perfect fit for her talents as a stylist, leader and entrepreneur. She thinks outside and inside the box and the service she renders is unmatched. Every time Kelli cuts my hair I say “This is the best haircut I’ve ever gotten.


Kelli is the best hair stylist in Louisville. If you go to her, you will never want to go to anyone else. She has been cutting and styling my hair for many years and I will follow her anywhere. Just download the app and make an appt with her. You will be so happy you did.

Charlotte T.

Quick break at work and visited Trim.Co in Humana for a haircut… 6 inches gone. I wanted to go shorter, but we are going to start here! Thank you Kelli Hecker for my cut! Humana peeps! Download the app and make an appointment! I was in-and-out!! Highly recommended!!

Stephanie K.

As someone who always used to see the same hairstyle for 18 year, I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone and go to someone else. She’s always been open and honest about things that may or may not work and has always done amazing things in such a short amount of time. Highly recommend seeing her, as I’ve been a repeat customer since day 1 a year ago.

Zack R.

Aylanna has done a perfect job on my hair twice. The first time my hair was uneven from a poor cut. She thinned my thick, wavy hair so that I could manage it easier, which she suggested. I was shocked when I washed and curled it on my own. It was so much easier! It no longer tangled but still had the same cute style I wanted. She uses precision with every cut. It doesn’t look like my ends are dry and broken even after a cut. I feel that my hair looks greatI I feel excited about it!!

Sharon B.

Chris has been wonderful! Not only does he do a great job with my hair, but he also has given my 4 1/2 year old and 1 1/2 year old their best haircuts to date. And you can’t beat the convenience!

Lauren M.

Very impressed with Chris. Great stylist, cut is fantastic and he has a great personality. Love the convenience of taking a quick break at work to get a stylish cut and great service. Thank you!

Jessica S.

Chris has a natural talent that shows in how effortlessly good the style looks for weeks after the cut. Best haircuts I have ever had, hands down.

Sam E.

Awsome service, love how convenient and simple they make the whole experience.

Shannon H.

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