Hair Trends to Look for in 2020

Jan 09, 2020

By your stylist: Aylanna Brown

Your team is kicking off the new decade!

To start off 2020, we’re taking a dive into some of the newest, most trendy and modern hairstyles for 2020!

Stay fresh and stay in style with this year’s TRIM top hairstyle picks.

The Shag

Celeb inspiration: Natasha Lyonne and Chrissy Teigen

For someone that’s not wanting to sacrifice much on their length, the shag is the perfect go-to. Here’s what you need to know about the shag:

  • Highly emphasizes face-framing while still containing layers
  • Is super versatile and can be worn short or long, as well as up or down

For this desired look you can both air dry or use a diffuser. Note that the shag style looks best with a natural texture.

The Shag

Structured Cuts

Celeb inspirations: Yara Shahidi

Structured Cuts

Curly, kinky hair has become more embraced this decade.

Here’s the scoop on structured cuts:

  • People rave that it will bring a level of confidence you never knew you had
  • Textured hair, no matter how it is shaped to your preferences, will bring out your facial features

French Bob
Celeb inspirations: Yara Shahidi

The French bob is a much softer take on the traditional bob cut

The great things about the French bob cut:

  • Has a great deal of texture on the ends, making it a more modern look
  • Allows you to add more layers and texture to create a seamless get-up-and-go look
  • A simple pop of color on the ends of this cut make it a statement style with little to no effort

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