Growing a Beard for Beginners

Jan 17, 2020

By your stylist, Aylanna Brown

Buckle up for the best, most insightful tips on how to take care of your beard. Not only this, we’re also here to help show you how you can grow a beard that best fits your facial features. 

Searching for a new look? Here’s what you should go for:

  • Beards compliment most face shapes. For example, say you have a diamond-shaped face, one with wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead and jawline. The goal here should be to keep facial hair on the chin to offset your cheekbones.
  • Heart-shaped faces or those with smaller face shape should know that growing a beard will only make your face appear smaller. In this case, opt for a more rough and ready look. A goatee will leave more length in the chin and the mustache will add volume and depth to the jawline.
  • Beards add protection. Whether it’s the sun’s hot rays, common colds, asthma or hay fever, beards protect. Growing a beard can help fight against these problems by adding a layer of protection to your face.

    With a beard, it is important to have the right products to keep your beard looking and feeling healthy.

  • Beard soap- using beard soap will help clean the facial hair. Regular soaps will dry the skin underneath and lead to beard dandruff.
  • Beard oil- whether it’s a spray or serum, beard oils come in different forms and smells. These products will help keep the skin underneath your beard moisturized.
  • Beard balm- apply beard balm daily to avoid a rough scratchy beard. Beard balms help bring smoothness to beards.

Perhaps the best part of having a beard: less shaving. With growing a beard, you can nearly say goodbye to the straight razor.

Give your beard the love it deserves, come down to and we can provide you with the beard trim in town.

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