5 Reasons Dry Cuts Are In

Dec 12, 2019

By your stylist: Kelli Hecker

trim.co brings high-end haircuts to the office for both men and women, no matter the hair type.

Whether your hair is long, short, curly, or wavy: We cater to all!

The majority of the trim.co haircuts are done on dry hair.

No need to worry though, if your hair needs to be wet down for any reason, your hairstylist will do so. We’re well equipped to still finish your cut (with a beautiful style) and get you dried up and back to the office looking fresh!

Why dry cuts?

  • Dry cuts are quick and easy: By getting a dry cut, you’re getting the most effective and the most time-efficient haircut possible. Dry cuts are our skilled way of getting you back to the office quickly and proficiently.
  • Dry cuts are becoming increasingly popular in larger industries like L.A., Chicago, Paris, and New York! We want to take this big-city movement and bring it here to our markets. Our stylists have gone through extensive training from high-end salons to provide this same service for you.
  • Your hair on a day to day basis is dry, then why cut and style it when it’s wet? Dry cuts allow our stylists to get a better understanding of how each customer’s hair lays naturally. Through this, dry cuts enable us to style a client’s hair in its truest form.
  • Wetting hair causes a number of changes to the hair itself. Wet hair has less strength and flexibility. Wet hair is also longer than dry hair as it’s stretched to its max length. Dry cuts allow us to cut your hair in its greatest capacity.
  • When the hair is dry it can be more properly tailored. Whether you want to frame your hair around your face or maybe add more layers, dry cuts make this all more accessible. Through this, we can also see the hair’s movement in its natural form.

Note: If your hair is curly or even just has some wave to it we can wet the hair down to calm the curl or make it less frizzy in the process. We can still style from there and be able to defuse your hair and style it to your desired look before you head back to work.


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