FAQ for businesses & employers

TRIM.co is an innovative employee benefit that makes your business more attractive and helps you retain the best talent.

Employees love saving time and money from not having to schedule and go to appointments on the weekends. They love the convenience of being able to get great haircuts at a great price, without it taking up their free time.

Providing this service will help improve their work/life balance, leading to happier and more engaged employees.

Typically, we only sign on with companies that have 100 or more employees. However, two or three companies in close proximity could collaborate and share a stylist.

Additionally, we will need your company to provide a space for the TRIM.co station. This station will only occupy a small space of 8’ x 8’ in area, which is about 65 square feet. Close proximity to a sink or other water source is not required.

The only cost to your business is a $1000 initial fee. This cost accounts for the setup and maintenance of the TRIM.co station, as well as the management of the TRIM.co phone app for your company. Your business does not need to provide anything else except the space for the salon.

The cost to your employees is $25 for a cut, which is managed through the app along with the scheduling of appointments. Some companies have chosen to subsidize the cost of haircuts for their employees as an added benefit.

TRIM.co continually works to identify and place stylists who have extensive experience at high-end salons. We only place mature, professional, and experienced hairdressers who are excellent at their craft and have great customer service skills.

Because we want our stylists to establish a strong rapport with your employees, we always try to send the same stylist to your location. This rapport not only improves the comfort of your employees when they get a cut, but also allows our stylists to become familiar with your employee’s preferences and deliver higher quality haircuts.

Stylists can come to your location as often as you desire and as the demand from your employees necessitates. Some companies may only need a stylist on site once a month, while others may benefit from having one on site multiple times every week. Stylists will usually be on site for eight hours, which equates to around 20 haircuts.

We highly value employee feedback on our stylists. As a result, our app has a comprehensive system that allows your employees to rate both the quality of their haircut and the professionalism of our stylists. We will monitor this feedback constantly to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality services to employees.

FAQ for TRIM.co customers

TRIM.co primarily offers haircuts for both men and women. However, we also cut and shape beards, mustaches, and eyebrows. Additionally, you can request a quick styling instead of a haircut if you desire.

Besides saving your precious time, using a TRIM stylist at work will help you save money on gas and reduce your carbon footprint. Employees love the high-quality cut at a reasonable price. It’s a super easy “open table” type of scheduling app with the ability to leave a quick “Uber type” review.

The cost is $25, paid via the app. Although tipping is not required, it is greatly appreciated by our stylists. A customary tip has been $5, and clients can tip through the app or in cash.

TRIM.co employs only the best to come to your workspace. Our stylists are mature, experienced professionals that have extensive experience at high quality salons. We continuously monitor your feedback on our stylists to ensure that we are sending tried and true professionals to do your haircuts.

Appointments can be scheduled through the TRIM.co app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Find out more information here (https://trim.co/appointments/)

This is also where you will pay for your cut and can provide feedback on your stylist. These appointments are blocked for 25 minutes, which allows time for both the cut and cleanup.

If you’re running late, the stylist will do the best they can with the time remaining in your appointment. However, if there is not enough time left for a quality cut, or you won’t be able to show up at all, your stylist can try to fit you into another open time slot.

Locations & Cities

Trim was founded in Louisville, KY in 2018. Currently, Trim is offered to businesses in the Kentuckiana area.

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More cities will be added to the Trim service area shortly! Come back soon to find out if your business can offer Trim.