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Simple $25 haircuts, for a man or woman.  No complex add-on services, just high-quality haircuts at a reasonable price.  All booking and payment will be done via our app.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Trim team helping re-invent haircuts!

Laura Melillo Barnum is an admitted “politico” and has served two Presidents in the West Wing of The White House. She was, at the time, the youngest Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to a sitting President in the history of the White House.

Most recently, Laura has served as the Executive Director of the Yum! Brands Foundation and Vice President of Global Community Investment, overseeing millions of non-profit giving globally. In this capacity, she helped create and grow the critical relationship with the World Food Programme, a division of the United Nations devoted to ending hunger. She was instrumental in expanding the Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief program, raising over $640 million in cash and food donations in over 130 countries and providing nearly 2.6 billion nutritious meals to those in need.

Laura was featured as one of the most admired women in the June 2016 issue of Today’s Woman magazine. She is also a member of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Advisory Board of Directors. She is the immediate past Chairman of the Board for the Dare to Care Food Bank, the largest in Kentucky, and served on the Commonwealth’s Taskforce on Hunger. She currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Center for the Arts, having been appointed by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Chris Edwards has been a Stylist and Hair Cut professional at Z Salon for 17 years. He has been in the Hair Industry for 24 years. He is an accomplished and innovative stylist for both women and men. His passion for sculpture enhances his artistic ability and allows him to design and deliver the perfect haircut for each client. 

Chris has a Masters in Cosmetology degree and had a Master license as a Barber and a Master Instructor license. He has also trained with several Aveda Educators to enhance his skills.

His background in barbering has broadened his perspective on shape and allows him to create dynamic cuts for both women and men. He is able to successfully handle different textures of hair and deliver an interactive experience with the perfect mix of humor, fun and professionalism. His ability to provide his clients with custom and creative solutions while connecting with them enables him to build lasting relationships.

When Christopher is not behind the chair, you will definitely find him enjoying the water, whether he is relaxing on his boat or constructing his home on the river.

Kelli’s creative passion for cutting and styling hair can be traced back to her pre-professional days. Her mother has been a large influence on her and although not a hairdresser herself, is a true creative spirit.

Kelli attended college for a time, yet she chose a different route to fully utilize her innate creative talent.  This creative flair has guided her career and helped her become a phenomenal designer— her talent being fully realized through her skills behind the chair. 

Kelli has worked for the Z Salon for 14 years.  She also has extensive experience working with runway and special occasion events.  During this time, she’s developed her cutting-edge talent with the most highly-regarded educators in the industry- the Aveda stylists- and as a life-long learner, she has continued her education and professional development throughout her career! 

When she’s not behind the chair, Kelli loves walking her dog, decorating her home, and most importantly, spending time with her nieces, nephews and her family. Kelli is also a student pilot working towards her private pilot’s license. She looks forward to providing fabulous cuts and styles to employees and tenants! 

Aylanna Brown has a passion for hair and has been even a step further than the average stylist. Since she got started, Aylanna has been taking her love of hair above and beyond. During her studies, Aylanna wanted to do more to grow herself and her skillset. Aylanna entered hair competitions regionally while in school. During her time competing, Aylanna placed Top 10 in the region, allowing her the opportunity to go to state.

Since her studies and time competitive cutting, Aylanna has been crafting people’s hair for years. With hair being Aylanna’s passion, it’s allowed her to flourish as a stylist. Aylanna’s passion and proven abilities speak for themselves.

Aylanna attests that the only thing she’s more passionate about than hair is her family. Aylanna is the mother to a beautiful daughter who she happily gives most of her time to. In her spare time Aylanna enjoys traveling, shopping, meeting new people and new hairstyles.